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Game Design | Product Management | Pedagogy | Photography

Martyn has spent the last spent the last 14 years designing, developing and managing the production on award wining games from start-up to international success. He is currently the Product Manager at If You Can, founded by Trip Hawkins, where he is working with educators in the US and UK to build a truly next-gen rich gaming world that coaches Social and Emotional skills to children.

Previously he played a central roll on the Moshi Monsters game for 4 years during which time Mind Candy grew from 20 to 200 employees. With deep knowledge of game production, game design and designing for children, Martyn worked closely with Engineering, Art, Community, Marketing and Licensing to help build a fantastical brand delivered through multiple channels.

During 4 years in Asia he worked with the Singapore Government at Playware Studios to design Project Based Learning educational content for immersive wrap-around 45 sq m touch-screen displays. In Japan he worked with the central government to help improve the state of their English teaching programme and work with teachers to deliver enriched games based learning classrooms.

Martyn studied Computer Science at Southampton's renowned Engineering department and specialises in game design and production, agile methodologies, analytics, educational content design and learning methodologies.

Interested in connected with businesses, groups and individuals in similar fields for mentoring and collaboration.